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Production Testing

Pacific Clinical Labs

COVID Testing Site located in Santa Monica, CA

As your film or television crew starts back to work, it’s important to make sure everyone on set is healthy and free of COVID-19. Do your part to protect your cast and crew and stop the spread of COVID-19 by booking production testing with Pacific Clinical Labs in Santa Monica, California. To perform production testing, Pacific Clinical Labs will travel off-site to you in its mobile testing unit. You will receive your results within 6-12 hours after testing. The practice also offers special rates and discounts for groups. To book your production testing, contact the team at Pacific Clinical Labs online or over the phone today.

Production Testing Q & A

What is production testing?

As film and TV companies ease their way back into production, it’s important that every member of the cast and crew is safe and not contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through a production set is with production testing. Production testing is on-set COVID testing. Pacific Clinical Labs offers this service to corporate and film productions. 

How does production testing work?

To perform production testing, the team at Pacific Clinical Labs meets your cast and crew wherever you like, using their mobile testing unit. There, Pacific Clinical Labs tests each member of your group using PCR testing.

PCR tests are molecular tests that detect the presence of an active SARS-CoV-2 infection. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID-19. To perform each test, the Pacific Clinical Labs team swabs a sample of mucus from your throat or nasal passages. An individual test takes less than a minute to complete.

Once they have a sample, the team tests it in its mobile lab using a combination of specialized chemicals and advanced technology. First, they mix your swab with chemicals that find any present virus and extract its genetic material, called RNA. 

Next, Pacific Clinical Labs takes this RNA and puts it in a machine that, with the help of chemicals called primers and probes, converts it into DNA. 

If the DNA from your swab matches the DNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it will bind with specific probes and emit a light. The machine will then detect this light, and read it as a positive result. A positive result means that you’re actively infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Why should I choose production testing?

Production testing offers you and your company numerous benefits. First, it allows you the opportunity to test your cast and crew all at once. This helps keep you on schedule and on budget.

Second, with Pacific Clinical Labs you can get results from testing back that same day. This means no waiting around and no uncertainty for your project.

In addition, Pacific Clinical Labs offers special rates and discounts for groups, once again saving you money. To make sure your group continues to be safe, you can set up a recurring testing schedule.

Production testing just makes sense. If you’re ready to get your project off the ground, reach out to Pacific Clinical Labs and schedule your production testing online or over the phone today.