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Bulk Testing

Pacific Clinical Labs

COVID Testing Site located in Santa Monica, CA

Are you a member of a large group looking to streamline its COVID-19 testing process? If so, consider bulk testing with Pacific Clinical Labs, located in Santa Monica, California. The team at Pacific Clinical Labs offers off-site COVID testing via its mobile testing unit with same-day results. To learn more, including special rates and bulk group discounts, reach out to Pacific Clinical Labs online or over the phone today.

Bulk Testing Q & A

What is bulk testing?

Bulk testing is a COVID-19 testing solution that allows you to test large numbers of people at once, in “bulk.” Bulk testing is perfect for offices, manufacturing plants, schools, production crews, and countless organizations. 

Pacific Clinical Labs provides bulk testing off-site using its mobile testing unit. All results come back the same day.

How does bulk testing work?

To perform bulk testing, the team at Pacific Clinical Labs meets you at your location with its mobile testing unit. They test each member of your organization via a nasal or oral swab. 

Swabs like these allow the team to perform molecular tests called PCR tests, which can detect a current SARS-CoV-2 infection. They don’t test for antibodies. 

An individual PCR COVID test takes less than a minute to complete.

Once one team member collects a sample, another team member tests it in the mobile lab using specialized chemicals and high-tech machinery. To kick things off, they mix the sample with chemicals that extract viral RNA, or genetic material. 

Next, they convert any extracted RNA into DNA in the specialized machinery, and duplicate it multiple times so they can reliably test it. 

Finally, chemicals inside the machine called probes and primers react with the DNA. If the viral DNA matches that of SARS-CoV-2, it binds with the probes and sends out a light that only the machine can see. If it emits this light, the machine records a positive result.

Because Pacific Clinical Labs can test your swabs at its on-site lab, it can get back to you with results for your entire group within 12 hours.

Is bulk testing right for me?

Bulk testing is a superior choice for you and your group for multiple reasons. 

First, it allows you the opportunity to test your group en masse. This eliminates the confusion, delays, and headaches associated with requiring everyone to go out individually and schedule their own test appointments.

Second, bulk testing with Pacific Clinical Labs is expedient and reliable. Some offices make you wait six days or more to get your results. Pacific Clinical Labs, on the other hand, gets back to you with results the same day as your bulk testing. This allows you to move forward quickly and without a hitch.

Finally, Pacific Clinical Labs offers special rates and discounts for bulk testing.

Don’t leave the health and wellness of your organization up to chance. Instead, book bulk testing with Pacific Clinical Labs online or over the phone today.