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Company Testing

Pacific Clinical Labs

COVID Testing Site located in Santa Monica, CA

Do you wish there was a convenient way for you to test your whole company or division for COVID-19 at once? With company testing at Pacific Clinical Labs, located in Santa Monica, California, there is. In order to help you make sure your employees are healthy, Pacific Clinical Labs will travel off-site to your location with its mobile testing unit. Off-site, the practice offers the same high-quality service and same-day results as it does in-office. To learn more, reach out online or over the phone today.

Company Testing Q & A

What is company testing?

Company testing is one of the many services Pacific Clinical Labs offers to help keep you safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. With company testing, Pacific Clinical Labs can perform off-site testing at your office using its mobile unit. 

Who needs company testing?

Company testing is a great option for owners and employers. It’s ideal in many scenarios, including:

  • Before returning to an in-person working environment
  • Prior to a public event
  • Before a company outing
  • After receiving word that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19

Company testing offers you the opportunity to get your employees tested for COVID-19 all at once, instead of relying on individuals to schedule their own tests.

What are the advantages of company testing?

Arranging company testing with Pacific Clinical Labs, instead of requesting that all of your employees get tested on their own, offers you numerous advantages, including:


Company testing is efficient in a number of ways. For example, you don’t have to wait around to get paperwork from each employee citing that they’ve taken their test. 

Also, you can get all of your employee test results on the same day. This makes your job easier by keeping things uniform and orderly.


Likewise, company testing with Pacific Clinical Labs is convenient for both you and your employees. With company testing, no one has to take time out of their workday scheduling and driving to a testing appointment.

Fast turnaround times

Pacific Clinical Labs guarantees same-day results. Turnaround times are typically only 6-12 hours. This means that your employees don't have to waste time quarantined at home, waiting for their results. This is good for both productivity and morale.


Finally, Pacific Clinical Labs’ testing procedure is 99% sensitive and 100% specific. You can rely on the accuracy of your results.

Counting on individual employees to schedule COVID testing and complete COVID testing can be anxiety-inducing and frustrating. Don’t put yourself through that. Instead, contact the team at Pacific Clinical Labs to set up off-site company testing today.

To get started, contact Pacific Clinical Labs online or over the phone.